<body> <div class="page-about-us"> <div class="about-us-container"> <div class="our-mission-banner-1"> <div class="our-mission-statement-content-1"> <h4>Our Mission</h4> <h5>is to make people happy</h5> <h5>by sharing delicate acts of sustainability,</h5> <h5>health, wellness and</h5> <h4>beauty.</h4> <br /> <br /> <h5>We focus on food beacuse it is the</h5> <h5>best way to</h5> <h4>Impact</h4> <h5>our health,</h5> <h5>culture,environment, and economy.</h5> .<br /><br /> <h5>With our products we look to inspire a</h5> <h5>shared appreciation of the</h5> <h4>planet we call home.</h4> </div> </div> <!--our-mission-banner-end--> <div class="our-story-banner-2"> <div class="capuli-team-img-container"> <div class="our-story-counterweight"></div> <div class="our-story-content-2"><a id="our-story-button" class="btn white-btn-style" href="https://youtu.be/KkSWwrwFHxc"> <span class="white-btn-text">Our Story </span> </a> <h5 id="inspired-tagline"><br /> <br /><br /> Inspired by tradtion, <br /> serving a need and building towards a dream.</h5> </div> </div> </div> <!--our-mission-banner-2-end--> <div class="dreams-banner-3"> <div class="dreams-flower-fields-container"> <div class="dreams-content-3"> <div class="white-translucent-background"> <h5>Capuli is for dreamers...</h5> <br /><br /> <h5>Dreamers who believe in making choices that are kind to the environment.</h5> <br /><br /> <h5>Dreamers who see the need to live in community with others.</h5> <div class="inspire-button-wrapper"><a class="btn pink-btn-style no-underline" href="http://capuliclub.leaddyno.com/"> <span class="pink-btn-text">Inspire Others With Us</span> </a></div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <!--dreams-banner-3-end--> <div class="imperfect-fruit-banner-4"> <div class="dehydrated-fruit-container"> <div class="imperfect-fruit-content-4"> <div class="white-translucent-background"> <h3>Made from imperfect fruits</h3> <p>We want to share experiences that reawaken people's fascination with our food and where it comes from! <br /><br />Our Sips &amp; Treats are beautifully crafted from imperfect fruits or what farmers call “Seconds”<br /><br />Together, we can relearn how to take care of our planet!</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> <!--imperfect-fruit-banner-4-end--> <div class="food-waste-banner-5"> <div class="food-waste-container"><img class="food-waste-img" src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0108/5774/2393/files/World_Food_Waste_-_Mobile.JPG?20512" alt="IMPORTANT TO FILL IN ALT TEXT FOR ACCESSIBILITY" /></div> </div> <!--food-waste-banner-5-end--> <div class="shots-of-inspiration-banner-6"> <div class="shots-of-inspiration-container"> <div class="shots-of-inspiration-content-6"> <p>We up-cycle imperfect fruits to craft a healthful drink. With it, we inspire more people to be present, savor each moment and craft more meaningful conversations and relationships. Check out our</p> <h5>#shotsofinspiration</h5> <p class="series-text">series.</p> <p>Stay inspired with us.</p> <a class="btn pink-btn-style no-underline" href="#"> <span class="pink-btn-text">Blog</span> </a></div> </div> </div> <!--shots-of-inspiration-banner-6-end--></div> <!--end about-us-container--></div> <!--end page-about-us --></body>