" A boost of warming caffeine and a hint of citrus"


Ceylon Tea, Vanilla, Clove .
Whole pieces of Orange, Apple, Strawberry.

*The ingredients specified are all the ingredients included, there are no added sugars or artificial ingredients. All fruits are organic. 

About the Blend

Based on Black Tea is perfect for those black tea lovers and crafted to satisfy those caffeine cravings.


N3 - Single Sachet

N3 - Single Sachet


Perfect for a single personal treat. 

Steeps: 1 Cup 

Weight : 20g 

Size: 4" x 5" 

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N3 - Share-it Pack

N3 - Share-it Pack

Perfect for a party pot. Recommended steeping quantity: 5 Cup Pot Weigh: 80 g Dimensions 5"x 1" x 6"
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