"Zesty and sweet"


Based on ginger root and peppermint with whole pieces of cherry, peach, apple.

*The ingredients specified are all the ingredients included, there are no added sugars or artificial ingredients. All fruits and herbs are organic and local. 

About the Blend

This refreshing blend features a spicy sweet drink with your favorite fruits! If you are all about local this one is your blend!


Unwind -Single Sachet

Unwind -Single Sachet


Perfect for a single personal treat. 

Steeps 1 Cup. 

Weight: 20 g  

Size: 4" x 5" 


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Unwind - Share-it Pack

Unwind - Share-it Pack


Perfect for a party pot. 
Recommended steeping quantity: 5 Cup Pot 
Weigh: 80 g 
Dimensions 5"x 1" x 6"  
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