Sips & Treats by Capuli Club originated in 2016 as an expression of the supportive friendship between two artists, a mother and a daughter, based off Redmond, Washington. Lourdes and Gabriela, one an accountant and the other one an architect by training, complement their talents to leverage their passion for beautiful experiences and mindful living. These two, originally Latin American women decided to stop longing for a warm tropical climate and instead fully embrace the beauty of the drizzly Pacific Northwest. ​

Moved by an appreciation of the countless healthy and beautiful moments which had revolved around these fruits treats in their lives at home, Lourdes and Gabriela decided to step forward and share their whole fruits infusion blends with the place they now call home.

After spending sometime at the Ballard Farmers Market and meeting many local farmers they realized that they could take the skill and expertise they are building to positively impact our throwaway culture. They decided that their mission would be to take the high quality imperfect fruit, which many times gets disposed off because of minor imperfections, and up cycle it to make delicious and healthful drinks. Inspired by a dream to develop a renewed culture of appreciation for food and the experiences that revolve around it, they are working hard to grow Capuli Club.


Why Capulí?

​The Capuli Cherry tree, a native South American, is one of the most generous and fruitful cherry trees. A strong and gentle plant - it embodies our mission of how we pursue growth; with fortitude and sensibility. Capuli Club; seeks to embody a caring community looking to inspire for sustainable healthy habits benefiting both body and soul.